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This is a great systematic exercises, release techniques and stretches which can improve the health of your feet.

WE can not absolutely get the arch of our feet back, but we can re-educate the muscles that are not functioning properly to ease the discomfort.

Often, when muscles known as prime mover get inhibited or function less, They are other muscles called synergists that take the responsibility of the prime mover.

So just guess what will happen, if everybody does not do their own proper function?

Yes, Imbalances happen that lead to discomfort and pain.


Re-education of muscular system needs time, consistency and commitment. It's exactly the same thing as going to a university. You need to be patient and keep repeating and learning until you can master that skill over years.

Muscles are the same. Don't expect them to be fine over few times of repetition. This is not about a quick fix.


Investing in your health is the best choice you could ever make and I appreciate this great investment.

Flat feet program

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