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018 - Zara Seyedreza_Gatineau, QC J9H 0A

Virtual Mental and Physical Training

  • 6 virtual zoom sessions during 3 months 

You can choose 2 sessions per month according to your availability. This gives you the opportunity to implement the guidance you receive from me. You will have more time to go through trials, come back to me with your questions for further guidance, and incorporate your learning into your life until they become habits.

  • A tailored exercise program

Having a personalized exercise program helps your mental state. Depending on your goals, we can create programs for improving confidence, strengthening your body, becoming more present in your body, building muscle mass, improving body image issues, and alleviating physical discomfort such as lower back pain, knee pain, tight neck and upper back, heavy chest, upset stomach, and more.

  • 2 psychic guidance

Do you want to connect with your spirit guides and seek their guidance on your journey? This is a great tool to bring clarity to your problems and ask for direction to move forward more easily. I will combine this with practical solutions so you can incorporate the guidance into your life, make better choices, break free from your struggles, and step up to the next level.

  • Weekly mental practices

Each week, I will upload a homework or practice activity to our Facebook group designed to initiate your learning, clear up blockages, and provide you with greater clarity about yourself. These activities will help reinforce the guidance you receive, allowing you to make steady progress and gain deeper insights into your journey. By participating, you'll also benefit from the support and shared experiences of our community.

  • Facebook group for community support

If your family, friends, or partner don't understand you, our Facebook community can provide the mental support and encouragement you need. Here, you can share your highs and lows with people who truly understand you and offer support without judgment. This supportive environment will make your life much easier. When you're surrounded by people who cheer you on, understand your struggles, and recognize your potential, it's easier to let go of negativity, see the brighter side, and stay focused on creating the changes you desire. It's time to stop feeling alone and join our community to lifts you up and helps you thrive.



  • 6 Session Pack

    6 private trainings scheduled at your own convenience.
    Valid for 3 months
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