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Flat feet program

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This is about bringing balance to the feet muscular system. Over time, We are consistently using the same muscles again and again because of sports or daily activities.

Have you ever asked yourself, don't some activities reinforce certain muscles and leave other muscles inhibited ?

Muscles lose their proper function as prime movers and synergists over time. One gets over active and the other one under active.  It's a game changer to re-educate your muscular system and rebuild that mind muscle connection. We are so disconnected from our nervous system that we act on autopilot mode everyday. 

Shouldn't we be more aware of this beautiful vessel and take care of it to prevent more pain and injuries? 

A good system of stretches, release techniques, isolated activation exercises can put every muscle in its proper function and enhance your physical health. 

No matter how much you use insoles, if you don't teach the muscle to function properly, your dysfunction will develop more and more.

Insoles are a great tool to put your feet in a better position, but you can not fool the intelligence of your physical biomechanics. Insoles don't assist in the proper function of your muscles.  

Let's give a hand to our feet and take the pressure off of our feet. 

We owe love and care to our feet, they support us a lot in daily function! 

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