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Painting Result of my student

Well, This oil colour painting on canvas is the result of patience after few months.

All of us are used to self sabotaging and listening to this voice that we are not enough or we are not talented enough. Let me tell you a secret, It's not about talent, It's about taking it step by step and build the necessary skill. Life is a process in general, It's a cyclical repetitive process that help us to achieve our vision about life. Let's listen to the voice of your heart and what's calling you to express yourself to get your vision. You will face fears, doubts and feeling unworthy on the way, but that's the point of life. We go through life to break these limitations of fears, negativity and unworthiness to expand our horizon more and more to find our self within. 

Take a small step toward what you love while holding space for your fears and validate your emotions. This is true ART of Performance. 

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

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