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"Hey there, beautiful soul!


I'm Zara, your favorite trainer – at least, that's what the mirror tells me! 😉


No matter how you found

ART OF PERFORMANCE, I'm thrilled you're here! Want to dive into my background and specialties in the fitness industry?


Click down below , and I'll catch you on the flip side!"

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Free discovery call-assessment

I'm here to assist you on your journey. A discovery call serves as an opportunity for us to connect and understand each other better. During this call, I can offer guidance and provide you with insight into how I can support you further. Whether you decide to proceed with working together or not, the call is designed to help you gain clarity and move forward on your path. I encourage you to schedule a call with me                                             ; it's a step towards understanding your needs and exploring possibilities for your growth, regardless of the outcome.

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Multi-faceted Training session-70$

- Improving lower back pain                                  - Weight loss

- Improving knee pain                                            - Conditioning for Gymnastic

- Improving neck pain                                            - Conditioning for RCMP

- Improving hip pain                                               - Fitness for seniors

- Improving posture                                                - Fitness for kids-adolescent

- Mobility                                                                 - Virtual/in home training

- Strengthening 

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"Hey there! How about we hop on a video or phone call to get to know each other better? Whether we end up as workout buddies or not, I'm here to sprinkle some guidance on your journey to greatness. Let's chat and see where the adventure takes us!"

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